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Abot lion

" Elegant and powerful, the lion is an animal with the nonchalance of a lord of the savannah. This large predator nearly 250 kg reign on its territory without sharing and facts about lion
Under his indolent air, the lion is a fierce warrior attached to his prerogatives and his clan. As always, his only enemy is man. "

About Lion Lion Names Facts About Lion

about lion are two species of lions and several subspecies, some of which have completely disappeared facts about lion

The African Lion and lion names

Morphologically about lionall African lions are quite similar. Subspecies are characterized by small differences in coat color and mane facts about lion

Are: the lion of Senegal (Panthera leo senegalensis) MassaƓs the lion (Panthera leo massaicus), the Transvaal lion (Panthera leo krugeri) Katanga lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghi).

Other African subspecies have disappeared as the Cape lion, the lion of the Atlas or Barbary Lion.

The Asiatic lion

(Panthera leo persica)

There are less than 100 years, it accounted for many lions in Iran and India. Currently about lion there are less than 300 lions together in the Gir Forest.

This forest is located in India is about 1000 kms.

They differ from African lions. Their head is less imposing and less thick mane.

The lion was almost exterminated in India completely in North Africa and the Middle East lion names

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