Description about lion of the Africa - all about lion and facts about lion

Description about lion

about lion facts about lion lion namesThe lion is probably one of the most popular with the Tiger Cats about lion The male is distinguished by its thick mane which earned him to be called the "king of beasts". The body of the animal is long and thick, and is based on thick and powerful legs facts about lion

The about lion relatively short coat is usually sandy colored buff, yellowish or tan. The underside is lighter, almost white in the female. Head wide facts about lion is decorated with round ears with black lapels. Males mane is a stronger color: dark brown, tan or black. A long, dark mane is a sign of good health and combat power.

It seems that the size of the mane depend heavily on nutrition and hormonal status of the feline. The tail ends in a long black brush facts about lion As with tigers, some specimens with leucistic wear a white coat.

Couple of lions. © Robek, Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license
African lion habitat

In historic times, the lion has evolved over the largest territory ever given for a Feline. He lived on almost the entire African continent from the Atlas Mountains to the Cape Province of South Eastern Europe about lion the Near and Middle East to India.

Nowadays about lion it is found more in sub-Saharan Africa and the Gir reserve in the state of Gujarat in India facts about lion The feline frequent mainly savannah (Kenya, Tanzania ...), but also holds the dry forests and semi-arid areas.

Lion we thought he could survive in the desert, but there is a population in the Namib. It is totally absent from the tropical forest areas.
Behavior of the African lion

Unlike the other cats who are solitary outside the breeding season, the lion lives in permanent social groups constituting units. These bands consist of about lion a dominant male, several females related to them, and young facts about lion The cats communicate with each other using sounds that range from the roar and rumble with bodily attitudes that determine mood, affection to anger.

The lion spends most of his time hunting and inactivity than the dark or in the cool of the morning. The vast majority of lion names outlets are provided by the lionesses lion Indeed, males are heavier and slower, are less effective about lion

About lion Stalks are practiced on the lookout when feline hunting alone, and encirclement when they act as a group. The male contributes only to the most impressive prey: buffalo, pre-adult elephants ... Usually their role is to protect the company from other lions. Muscle power of the beasts is impressive. To catch its prey, a lion is able to make leaps of almost 12 meters long and 4 meters in height lion names

Description about lion of the Africa - all about lion and facts about lion