Reproduction about lion African And Lion Names

Reproduction about lion

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There is no breeding season itself. The male ensures the fertility of a female using his vomeronasal organ placed on the palate, with the lower surface of the nose that allows it to detect pheromones facts about lion

For this, it raises the upper lips and opens his mouth. This behavior is called flehmen. The estrus of the female during four days, the animals mate sometimes up to fifty times a day. Only the dominant male can reproduce.

 After facts about lion a gestation period of about four months about lion gives birth to one to four cubs are born blind lion names

During the first six weeks they are breastfed keeps them sheltered in a cache, away from other group members. The danger is constant because children can be exposed to attacks by hyenas when the mother is absent for hunting lion names

A little later about lion brings its small the group, which usually accept without difficulty. From that time, the cubs will suck more only their own mother, but also other females.

Education responsible for this fact to the whole group. The young are weaned after six months and remain with their mother for another two years. Animals reach sexual between three and four years maturity.

About lion and cub
. © David Dennis, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike2.0 Generic license about lion The African diet

The scheme is essentially about lion meat. Its main prey are large Bovidae (eland, waterbuck, wildebeest, hartebeest, kudu ...), but also hunting buffalo, zebras, giraffes, warthogs and occasionally elephants and hippos pre-adults and even crocodiles.

During the seasonal migrations of large mammals, when the usual prey are lacking, the cat flap is smaller and more difficult to capture herbivores: impala, hartebeest, gazelle and other dwarf antelopes. On its territory and facts about lion is in competition with other predators such as the spotted hyena. Their relations are unique in their complexity and intensity.

But competition also exists with the cheetah (to whom he competes for prey and that it has a strong predation by killing small), leopard and even the Nile crocodile and facts about lion

Reproduction about lion African And Lion Names